Me now

Me now
14st 4lbs June 2009

Me in aug

Me in aug
my new hair

My hair again

My hair again



My princess mia 9th oct 2009

My princess mia 9th oct 2009
Going to Disney on Ice-Princess wishes

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Only 10 weeks to go!!!!

Its flying over!!!

Im massive now, bump wise anyway! Im still fitting into a 16 but maternity clothes are generous lol.
Cant wait to get back on the diet wagon and tone up. Its Pauls 30th in april so hopefully i'll be in the 13s by then. Thats my 1st target!!! Im hoping breast feeding will make the weight drop off me aswell as all the walking im intending to do.

All the way through ive thought im having a boy but for the past 3-4 weeks ive got a really strong feeling im having a girl!! Will have to wait and see.

Cant wait for xmas aswell, im really looking forward to it. Going out to get the last few bits in tomorrow :D

Monday, 19 October 2009

I kept my job!!!!!!!

I didnt get made redundent...THANK GOD!!!
Such a big relief knowing that I will get company maternity pay.

Ive decided to start my maternity leave xmas week so then I can have 8 weeks off with Mia to do fun girly things with her before baby arrives. Cant wait


Monday, 12 October 2009

New Pics

Thought id add a few new pics of me on here. Although im pregnant I still want to keep a record of how i look.
The new hair pics were taken roughly 22nd august..its grew again so needs cutting. I think i look glowing on them but not so at the minute.
My skin and hair are dry and in need of a bit of TLC!!

We took Mia to see DISNEY ON ICE PRINCESS WISHES on friday night (9/10/09) and she dressed up as Sleeping Beauty. It was fantastic and we all really enjoyed it. Its nice to do things just the 3 of us before the baby arrives. 18 WEEKS TO GO wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait, keep dreaming about it. I just hope everything continues to go well.

I should find out this week, whether im keeping my job or not. If im going i think the last day is 30th oct.
Fingers crossed i keep it... im off till wednesday so wont know until after then.

Got a loads to do today and i just havent got the energy lol...theres housework, washing and a massive mountain of ironing to do.
Must crack on, mias at nursery 12-5.30 so gives me a chance to get it done.

I'll update next week on developments

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hiya folks..hope while ive been away youve all lost stacks of weight!!!

Ive only gained 7lbs since becoming pregnant, im very pleased with that. Duno how coz i havent been eating the best of foods but im not eating loads.

Well im 21 weeks today, 19 weeks to go. Its flying by...had my 20wk scan last week and babys fine. Didnt find out the sex coz we both want a supprise. Ive got to go back on 23rd dec for a placenta scan as is lying low so they need to check thats moved.
Im feeling good apart from ive been plagued by migraines. The worst ive ever had in my life, theyve been lasting days. :( hoping they settle down soon.
Paul started uni 3 weeks ago and i might be getting made redundent so its all go!!! Hopefully wont and i should fine out on thurs.

Ive had loads of problems with the laptop and internet so havent been on for like forever..


Hope ya ok...????? Text u a while back but got no reply. Txt or mail me if ya can let me know how ya getting on with weightloss and you in general.

Gotta go now, need to get ready to take mia to nursery for 12

Take care xxx

Monday, 17 August 2009

So whats been happening???

Well im 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow :) Its going over qite nicely!!
When I went for my scan they put me forward 3 days so im now due 16th february..9 days before my 27th birthday. I went over 11 days with Mia so it could be possible to have the baby on my birthday. It would be amazing!! My next scan is 30th September cant wait for that, But I will not be finding out the sex. I couldnt give a nick as long as babys healthy. I found out with Mia and always said next time id like a supprise. Im getting very excited.

Bumps getting bigger more flabby than anything else really. I can still fit into my normal size 16 clothes although the trousers are starting to get tight around my tummy. I havent weighed myself since the last time i recorded it on here so think i'll get that done this week.

Still not watching totally what im eating, I am tryin to be more healthy but not fully there yet. Thats my misson this week to get that sorted.

Im off work till 28th Aug now, WOOOOO HOOOOO so pleased so im going to tackle boring jobs like housework and my MASSIVE piles of ironing lol.

Nanas funeral was last wednesday. It was a lovely catholic funeral (although im not in the slightest bit religious, and I didnt have a clue what was going on half the time lol), it was just was she would have wanted. Very emotional and tiring day and lovely catching up with family I hadnt seen for years.
Going to miss you loads Nana. You were amazing in everything you did for us, especially my mam. Reunited with her now. RIP xxxxx

My Baby - 12 WEEK SCAN PIC

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Got my scan appointment through

Its on wednesday at 10.15am.

Im soooooo nervous, i just wish it was here so I knew either way. If alls well ive got to go back 5 days later for another scan and to see the consultant as my labour with Mia was complicated and had a tough time afterwards.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your fingers and everything crossed for me that its good news xx

Off to work today- not happy as sun is cracking the pavements and yesterday on my day off it was crap!!!! TYPICAL
But on the up side im off next 2 days and off all next weekend aswell.

Nana is very ill and not with it at all, lashing out and very aggressive which isnt my nana. Still havent seen her because i dont want to see her like that but im going to try and get up tomorrow. Dreading it tho but im not letting myself get stressed, its not good for me.

Hope 8.30 comes round quick..i really HATE WORK xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A little update...its been a while


I havent been around much past few weeks. Not a lot been happening apart from me getting swine flu when we came back from London. Took a few weeks to feel like me again.

My nana was rushed to hospital 9 days ago. She was diagonosed with cancer last aug, but my aunties didnt want her to know about it. Shes weakened a lot since then, and just recently when i visited her Inoticed her memory was going. I was shocked as shes always been so on the ball. Anyway, it was a chest infection but shes started vomiting and has inhaled it. This has now caused bronchial pneumonia, which is the same thing that killed my other nana in february. Shes even in the same room when she died. Shes slipping into a coma, so its not looking good. I havent seen her, i dont want to upset myself.

Pregnancy wise im almost 11 weeks and past the mark I got to last time, so im pleased about that, however i wont rest until i see the scan. Im just waiting for that appointment to come through.
Im starting to get my appitite back, but still really dont like chicken anymore lol. I just need now to start eating mega healthily as i still cant be bothered to cook fresh meals. I did make mince and dumpings last week with loads of fresh veg and MY GOD IT WAS STUNNING!!!!!!!
Another food im loving is cottage cheese with pineapple or chives on crackerbreads,ive always liked these but more so lately.

So im off now to feed my face with those and some tomato soup....YUMMMY xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Amazing time in London & IM ENGAGED


My ring is stunning, and im sooooooooooooo happy. Will write more later


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A little update and 2 more sleeps for LONDON

WOOOOHOOOOOO im really looking forward to it now. Just to get away for a couple of days will be great, away from work lol.
Still quite tired and have been very sickly today at work, was sick when I got up but wasnt sick anymore,just feeling sick. Which I think at times is worse.
1 more day at work then im off till monday...YIPPEEEE

Still off my food a lot, havent done a proper food shop for ages, food is just turning my stomach. Im only eating what I fancy at the time and then I have like 2 mouthfuls and im full. Very strange, but no doubt in a few weeks my appetite will return.

Havent been weighed for 2 weeks, going to go next week. Reckon ive put on a good few pounds already so im going to have to keep an eye on that. Dont want to be gaining loads.

So guys, doubt i'll have time to blog tomorrow so I'll be back after LONDON xoxo

Friday, 3 July 2009


Im ready for a couple of days off like. Got a jam packed weekend but at least im not at work!!

6 Days for London now, cant wait to get away.

Hope everyones good, off to work now


Thursday, 2 July 2009

A lot calmer yesterday

thank god. I hate been like that. Hopefully i'll have another better day today.
2 more shifts and im off the weekend. Going to a fun day at Pauls work on sat and sun will catch up with me Dad and sis, Dads birthday on Monday.

7 days till London, this time next week i'll be at train station getting ready to leave. Looking forward to the break away.

Just a quick one today as no food in house, so have to nip round the shop for milk and bread, before I get ready for work.

Bye for now xx