Me now

Me now
14st 4lbs June 2009

Me in aug

Me in aug
my new hair

My hair again

My hair again



My princess mia 9th oct 2009

My princess mia 9th oct 2009
Going to Disney on Ice-Princess wishes

Monday, 19 October 2009

I kept my job!!!!!!!

I didnt get made redundent...THANK GOD!!!
Such a big relief knowing that I will get company maternity pay.

Ive decided to start my maternity leave xmas week so then I can have 8 weeks off with Mia to do fun girly things with her before baby arrives. Cant wait


Monday, 12 October 2009

New Pics

Thought id add a few new pics of me on here. Although im pregnant I still want to keep a record of how i look.
The new hair pics were taken roughly 22nd august..its grew again so needs cutting. I think i look glowing on them but not so at the minute.
My skin and hair are dry and in need of a bit of TLC!!

We took Mia to see DISNEY ON ICE PRINCESS WISHES on friday night (9/10/09) and she dressed up as Sleeping Beauty. It was fantastic and we all really enjoyed it. Its nice to do things just the 3 of us before the baby arrives. 18 WEEKS TO GO wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait, keep dreaming about it. I just hope everything continues to go well.

I should find out this week, whether im keeping my job or not. If im going i think the last day is 30th oct.
Fingers crossed i keep it... im off till wednesday so wont know until after then.

Got a loads to do today and i just havent got the energy lol...theres housework, washing and a massive mountain of ironing to do.
Must crack on, mias at nursery 12-5.30 so gives me a chance to get it done.

I'll update next week on developments

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hiya folks..hope while ive been away youve all lost stacks of weight!!!

Ive only gained 7lbs since becoming pregnant, im very pleased with that. Duno how coz i havent been eating the best of foods but im not eating loads.

Well im 21 weeks today, 19 weeks to go. Its flying by...had my 20wk scan last week and babys fine. Didnt find out the sex coz we both want a supprise. Ive got to go back on 23rd dec for a placenta scan as is lying low so they need to check thats moved.
Im feeling good apart from ive been plagued by migraines. The worst ive ever had in my life, theyve been lasting days. :( hoping they settle down soon.
Paul started uni 3 weeks ago and i might be getting made redundent so its all go!!! Hopefully wont and i should fine out on thurs.

Ive had loads of problems with the laptop and internet so havent been on for like forever..


Hope ya ok...????? Text u a while back but got no reply. Txt or mail me if ya can let me know how ya getting on with weightloss and you in general.

Gotta go now, need to get ready to take mia to nursery for 12

Take care xxx