Me now

Me now
14st 4lbs June 2009

Me in aug

Me in aug
my new hair

My hair again

My hair again



My princess mia 9th oct 2009

My princess mia 9th oct 2009
Going to Disney on Ice-Princess wishes

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Only 10 weeks to go!!!!

Its flying over!!!

Im massive now, bump wise anyway! Im still fitting into a 16 but maternity clothes are generous lol.
Cant wait to get back on the diet wagon and tone up. Its Pauls 30th in april so hopefully i'll be in the 13s by then. Thats my 1st target!!! Im hoping breast feeding will make the weight drop off me aswell as all the walking im intending to do.

All the way through ive thought im having a boy but for the past 3-4 weeks ive got a really strong feeling im having a girl!! Will have to wait and see.

Cant wait for xmas aswell, im really looking forward to it. Going out to get the last few bits in tomorrow :D

Monday, 19 October 2009

I kept my job!!!!!!!

I didnt get made redundent...THANK GOD!!!
Such a big relief knowing that I will get company maternity pay.

Ive decided to start my maternity leave xmas week so then I can have 8 weeks off with Mia to do fun girly things with her before baby arrives. Cant wait


Monday, 12 October 2009

New Pics

Thought id add a few new pics of me on here. Although im pregnant I still want to keep a record of how i look.
The new hair pics were taken roughly 22nd august..its grew again so needs cutting. I think i look glowing on them but not so at the minute.
My skin and hair are dry and in need of a bit of TLC!!

We took Mia to see DISNEY ON ICE PRINCESS WISHES on friday night (9/10/09) and she dressed up as Sleeping Beauty. It was fantastic and we all really enjoyed it. Its nice to do things just the 3 of us before the baby arrives. 18 WEEKS TO GO wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait, keep dreaming about it. I just hope everything continues to go well.

I should find out this week, whether im keeping my job or not. If im going i think the last day is 30th oct.
Fingers crossed i keep it... im off till wednesday so wont know until after then.

Got a loads to do today and i just havent got the energy lol...theres housework, washing and a massive mountain of ironing to do.
Must crack on, mias at nursery 12-5.30 so gives me a chance to get it done.

I'll update next week on developments

Take care all xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hiya folks..hope while ive been away youve all lost stacks of weight!!!

Ive only gained 7lbs since becoming pregnant, im very pleased with that. Duno how coz i havent been eating the best of foods but im not eating loads.

Well im 21 weeks today, 19 weeks to go. Its flying by...had my 20wk scan last week and babys fine. Didnt find out the sex coz we both want a supprise. Ive got to go back on 23rd dec for a placenta scan as is lying low so they need to check thats moved.
Im feeling good apart from ive been plagued by migraines. The worst ive ever had in my life, theyve been lasting days. :( hoping they settle down soon.
Paul started uni 3 weeks ago and i might be getting made redundent so its all go!!! Hopefully wont and i should fine out on thurs.

Ive had loads of problems with the laptop and internet so havent been on for like forever..


Hope ya ok...????? Text u a while back but got no reply. Txt or mail me if ya can let me know how ya getting on with weightloss and you in general.

Gotta go now, need to get ready to take mia to nursery for 12

Take care xxx

Monday, 17 August 2009

So whats been happening???

Well im 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow :) Its going over qite nicely!!
When I went for my scan they put me forward 3 days so im now due 16th february..9 days before my 27th birthday. I went over 11 days with Mia so it could be possible to have the baby on my birthday. It would be amazing!! My next scan is 30th September cant wait for that, But I will not be finding out the sex. I couldnt give a nick as long as babys healthy. I found out with Mia and always said next time id like a supprise. Im getting very excited.

Bumps getting bigger more flabby than anything else really. I can still fit into my normal size 16 clothes although the trousers are starting to get tight around my tummy. I havent weighed myself since the last time i recorded it on here so think i'll get that done this week.

Still not watching totally what im eating, I am tryin to be more healthy but not fully there yet. Thats my misson this week to get that sorted.

Im off work till 28th Aug now, WOOOOO HOOOOO so pleased so im going to tackle boring jobs like housework and my MASSIVE piles of ironing lol.

Nanas funeral was last wednesday. It was a lovely catholic funeral (although im not in the slightest bit religious, and I didnt have a clue what was going on half the time lol), it was just was she would have wanted. Very emotional and tiring day and lovely catching up with family I hadnt seen for years.
Going to miss you loads Nana. You were amazing in everything you did for us, especially my mam. Reunited with her now. RIP xxxxx

My Baby - 12 WEEK SCAN PIC

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Got my scan appointment through

Its on wednesday at 10.15am.

Im soooooo nervous, i just wish it was here so I knew either way. If alls well ive got to go back 5 days later for another scan and to see the consultant as my labour with Mia was complicated and had a tough time afterwards.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your fingers and everything crossed for me that its good news xx

Off to work today- not happy as sun is cracking the pavements and yesterday on my day off it was crap!!!! TYPICAL
But on the up side im off next 2 days and off all next weekend aswell.

Nana is very ill and not with it at all, lashing out and very aggressive which isnt my nana. Still havent seen her because i dont want to see her like that but im going to try and get up tomorrow. Dreading it tho but im not letting myself get stressed, its not good for me.

Hope 8.30 comes round quick..i really HATE WORK xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A little update...its been a while


I havent been around much past few weeks. Not a lot been happening apart from me getting swine flu when we came back from London. Took a few weeks to feel like me again.

My nana was rushed to hospital 9 days ago. She was diagonosed with cancer last aug, but my aunties didnt want her to know about it. Shes weakened a lot since then, and just recently when i visited her Inoticed her memory was going. I was shocked as shes always been so on the ball. Anyway, it was a chest infection but shes started vomiting and has inhaled it. This has now caused bronchial pneumonia, which is the same thing that killed my other nana in february. Shes even in the same room when she died. Shes slipping into a coma, so its not looking good. I havent seen her, i dont want to upset myself.

Pregnancy wise im almost 11 weeks and past the mark I got to last time, so im pleased about that, however i wont rest until i see the scan. Im just waiting for that appointment to come through.
Im starting to get my appitite back, but still really dont like chicken anymore lol. I just need now to start eating mega healthily as i still cant be bothered to cook fresh meals. I did make mince and dumpings last week with loads of fresh veg and MY GOD IT WAS STUNNING!!!!!!!
Another food im loving is cottage cheese with pineapple or chives on crackerbreads,ive always liked these but more so lately.

So im off now to feed my face with those and some tomato soup....YUMMMY xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Amazing time in London & IM ENGAGED


My ring is stunning, and im sooooooooooooo happy. Will write more later


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A little update and 2 more sleeps for LONDON

WOOOOHOOOOOO im really looking forward to it now. Just to get away for a couple of days will be great, away from work lol.
Still quite tired and have been very sickly today at work, was sick when I got up but wasnt sick anymore,just feeling sick. Which I think at times is worse.
1 more day at work then im off till monday...YIPPEEEE

Still off my food a lot, havent done a proper food shop for ages, food is just turning my stomach. Im only eating what I fancy at the time and then I have like 2 mouthfuls and im full. Very strange, but no doubt in a few weeks my appetite will return.

Havent been weighed for 2 weeks, going to go next week. Reckon ive put on a good few pounds already so im going to have to keep an eye on that. Dont want to be gaining loads.

So guys, doubt i'll have time to blog tomorrow so I'll be back after LONDON xoxo

Friday, 3 July 2009


Im ready for a couple of days off like. Got a jam packed weekend but at least im not at work!!

6 Days for London now, cant wait to get away.

Hope everyones good, off to work now


Thursday, 2 July 2009

A lot calmer yesterday

thank god. I hate been like that. Hopefully i'll have another better day today.
2 more shifts and im off the weekend. Going to a fun day at Pauls work on sat and sun will catch up with me Dad and sis, Dads birthday on Monday.

7 days till London, this time next week i'll be at train station getting ready to leave. Looking forward to the break away.

Just a quick one today as no food in house, so have to nip round the shop for milk and bread, before I get ready for work.

Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Not a good day yesterday

Yesterday was a bit of a shitty day if im honest. The previous day id done some housework and my back had started to ache. This frightens me as the last time around from 4 weeks onwards I had terrible back ache/pains. So i stopped doing the housework and lay down on settee. Had a fairly early night and was hoping for the back ache to have disappeared the following day. But it was still there slightly, but I was also getting wierd shooting pain sensations where my ovary would be in my lower back area, then it moved over to the right. It sent me into a complete and utter panic.
I didnt want to go to work, I was in a right state, I went upstairs to get my shoes and told Paul then burst into floods of tears. He said to ring the midwife, but I said that last time I rang and she just said its normal.
Anyway I went to work, got there late and explained to my boss what had happened. She said with my past history not to leave anything to chance, so I said she was right and would see how I felt later on. Time pasted and my back was ok, but I just didnt feel right in myself. Sort of like flu like symptoms, achey bones and I was really hot. I went to the toliet shortly before we finished and I went to stand up and I felt really dizzy. I panicked coz I HATE been dizzy or fainting.
I said if I felt like this today I would go to the docs.
So far this morning, I just feel mega sick. So we will see.
I just want that scan to see if its ok, its an awful feeling waiting and that could be making me feel ill for all I know.
Keep everything crossed its ok this time

Monday, 29 June 2009


Housework wise its unreal. Been out since 8.30 in town sorting stuff out for London next week. House has totally been neglected while ive been at work and going to bed early!! So im writing this, then going to have to muster up some energy and get it cleaned.

Ironing pile is getting ridiculous aswell..I HATE IRONING WITH A PASSION. But again, im going to have to do it. Wish I was a more organised person who liked cleaning etc. My mam was but her 3 girls certainly didnt inherit the cleaning bug from her. She was terrible, if there was 1 item in the ironing pile, she would iron it. If there was 2 spoons in the dish..she would wash them, dry them and put them away!! Miss her loads. Think about her all the time, wish she'd been in my life longer xxx LOVE YOU MAM xxx

On a happier note, booked appointment with midwife. Its on 15th July, just hope I get to see her right until I give birth. Its always in the back of my head..awful feeling it is. Morning sickness is still there which is good. Never thought I would say im happy to be sick lol.

Its funny because I feel as though ive gained loads of weight in 1 week. My boobs are getting bigger, my stomach is- mad seen as im only 6 weeks.

Right im off to CLEAN xx

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Results came back yesterday confirming that I am indeed pregnant!!! Ringing midwife on Monday for a booking appointment.

Morning sickness properly kicked in yesterday morning, and im nausious during the day...good signs!! Plus exausted isnt the word, this week ive been going to bed at 8.30 and up at 6am. Last night I was in bed at 7.20 and still shattered all day!! Classic positive signs I think, had all these with Mia..last time was NOTHING like it.

1 more shift at work then im off 1 day. Back in tues until fri then off that weekend. Missed a Royal Mail delivery today while I was at work, think its our Oasis tickets...WOOOO 12days to go. Really looking forward to going away, but no drinking for me. Not that, that matters-more shopping money then LOL.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Went to bed at 8.30pm last night and had a good 9 hours sleep. All ive done today is yawn LOL. Im hoping that its early stages of pregnancy kicking in and not that im up early.
Was very cockily this morning when I went into the fridge..seems my sense of smell is high, again im taking that as a positive thing. When I start vomiting everyday i'll be very happy!!!
Last time around I wasnt tired or sick but did have awful pains in my back when I walked around or stood up, they were the awful warning signs when I look back.
Still praying to GOD that if I am, its going to be ok, and im going to have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby in February.

Still eating well, just as I was when doing WW, thats not going to change. The healthier the better. Did have some Pick and Mix sweets today which were nice, but we didnt get loads.
Hope you are all doing well this week with weightlosses and food choices.

Im planning on another early night tonight after a lovely soak in a warm bubbly bath. Cant wait for my day off on Monday


Love finishing at 2.30

Its been great!! Didnt even mind getting up at 5.30, dont know whether i'll still be saying that on sunday morning like lol.
Sickly again today and was reaching this morning but wasnt sick. Im taking that to be a positive thing, although im still very scared of the obvious. Dropped urine sample in at docs, noone was on reception which I was fuming about...stupid gets. Waited 5 minutes and just left it there, rang them to make sure they had it and she said yes. Should know result by Monday, but ya know ya body dont ya??

Just hope and pray that things work out this time, can't let myself get excited or look to far ahead tho. Just hope the weeks fly by fine.

Mias at her Nana's so im going to catch up on some housework as house has been neglected since weekend and is a bit of tip!!


Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Yes thats right i DID IT!!!!

When I started back on WW on 22nd April 2009, Id set myself some personal challenges. Which were:




I SMASHED ALL 3 THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never thought it was possible, totally over the moon.

I lost 4lbs, taking me to 13st 12lbs!!!

I cant help feeling selfish that im finally getting somewhere with my weightloss, then I find out im pregnant. That sounds awful, but a part of me is absolutly terrified!!

Ive asked on the ww boards whether I could still carry on with ww, and a few people have said yes as long as im sensible. So im going to carry on tracking what I eat, eat when im hungry. Eat a balanced healthy diet and gentle exercise. If the test comes back ok, and everythings ok then I will ask midwife her opinion. At the end of the day, WW is just healthy only need more calories in the last trimester when baby grows loads.

Spent a fab day at the beach with Paul and Mia. We took a healthy picnic and things to play with, was mega hot so Paul and Mia cooled off in the sea while I lay and relaxed LOL. Was lovely just lying there, listening to the sea.

At work rest of the week 7am starts, so bed around 9.30 tonight. Not looking forward to going back to work but needs must I guess.



Well after all the talk about no period, I had to see, so slyly bought a pregnancy test. Paul hates me buying them, he thinks they are a waste of money!! Anyway, after we got home I did the test straight away and the result didnt take long at all. It was positive!!

Came out of the bathroom, into the living room and said " well its positive", he was like "eh, what?"
I lifted it up and said, the test. He asked why I'd never told him about it. I said well you hate me buying them. I burst into tears and was completely in shock!!

Im dropping in a urine sample at the docs tomorrow, should know the result by Friday.

If you are my friend on FACEBOOK, please DO NOT write anything on my wall, Im not telling family yet just incase.....

10 weeks is such a short time to have had a miscarriage, then to find out your possibly having a baby. I just hope everything works out this time. To say im scared is an understatement!!

But guys dont not going anyway..i love the ww boards and this blog so you'll be hearing a lot more from me


Monday, 22 June 2009

Its never let up

Heartburn that is. Ive been in agony.
Everytime I go to eat or drink something there it is. Its ruined my day. We took Mia down to a park and spent a good hour there. Then we went for a Italian meal, I couldnt eat mine. I must have had 3 mouthfuls, so now im starving. Went bowling after and I was CRAP and went in a mood, haha. Mia was winning for a while until Daddy took over.
Really expensive tho for 1 game..almost 20 quid!!

Mia's been very naughty since we've got back in, putting her to bed soon as ive had enough. Need to chill out in a nice warm bath



Will I do a repeat of the weekend..and thats all I will say on this matter!!

BBQ was crap, weather was terrible never let up once. Their friends are stuck up and never once came in lounge to mix with us. Pauls ex felt uncomfortable at my presence, you could tell that much haha!

Today is a new day, im putting the bad choices I made behind me and moving forward. Just when I think im doing well, I get pics taken and look at them and MY GOD!!! What a mess I am! So I cant give up, Ive got to shift this fat.
Still havent got my period, 10 days late now. Dont know whether to worry or not.

All weekend ive suffered with heartburn, it stopped me eating and drinking, so dont know whats up with that. Reminded me of been pregnant with Mia, i suffered really badly with that and used to make me vomit. YUCK

So, im off work today and tomorrow. 7am starts this week,havent done one yet so not sure how im going to manage. Plans for today?? I have no idea, think we are at the pics tonight seeing TRANSFORMERS but im not sure whether we are still going.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

OH DEAR!!!!!!

Well, ive calculated the points I consumed yesterday and it came to 34½...OOOOPPPPSSSSSS

My daily allowence is 25!! So that makes me 9½ over.

I did have some saved but the exact amount is at work, as I said earlier I havent noted anything in my notebook. Im thinking ive got about 6 saved but thats me guessing.

So what about today??? Do I just enjoy myself and try to make the best choices I can, or do I not drink any alcohol and not eat much??

Im thinking at this moment to make the best choices I can and limit myself to a couple of drinks.

Tomorrow and Monday im going to have to try and get some exercise done to earn activity points to see whether this will cover me. All I can do is hope for a STS come Tuesday!!

Im feeling so bloated today and im having a FAT day which is no good when im meeting new people. Im not the most confidenent of people lately as it is.
Im annoyed aswell as I havent managed to get into town, im kicking myself as I wish Id just gone yesterday. Nevermind, bit of nail varnish on my nails will have to do.
The only productive thing ive done this morning is dye my hair lol.

Right im off again, just wanted to share my naughty day yesterday. Lets hope im not confessing another bad day tomorrow


Its so not BBQ weather!!!!!

If im honest I dont want to go, cant be bothered. Would rather just stay in and have a nap lol. Im knackered today. I only had 5 bottles of Krononburgh but I didnt get my tea till late, so the bottles went to my head! Im not hungover, just tired.

I thinking I dont think I will drink today at the BBQ. We thought when it was planned that it was a late afternoon/teatime start that continued into the night, as it normally does so we were planning on staying. But im pleased that its not, so we are only staying for a couple of hours then coming home.

Im quite disappointed in myself for not keeping track of how many points I was using. In fact this week, with work i havent wrote in my food diary. I got my food wrote down at work, but it should be in my book. Not writing in it, is dangerous for me. Could and has in the past caused me to slip.

Im still needing to go into town, but im pushing it now I think. Its winding me up now, that I cant drive and the car is sitting outside. I live a fair way from the town, and even walking for a bus is a pain with Mia. ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Ok, well im going to have to get a wriggle on, and try my hardest to make it into town without getting stressed.

Have a good day xoxo

Friday, 19 June 2009

Been Naughty

Too many beers tonight..enjoyed them tho

Biggest Loser was crowned Kevin. They all looked amazing and im going to miss the show!! I will look amazin tho when ive shed my weight

Off to bed now, NIGHT xoxo


Ive been addicted to this show, Ive shed tears for excitement for myself shedding my weight and also sadness that I let myself get into this position in the first place.

Its the final tonight and im so excited to see how the rest of them have done in another 8 weeks from leaving the show. The trainer Angie Dowds is amazing, I would love to have had an oppotunity to go into a show like that.

Yeah she shouts at you, but she cares about them, she wants them to do well. Its fab to see how close the Black Team are to her. I just wish I had someone to push me when exercising because I really lack in this area.
Im thinking about buying the Biggest Loser DVD when it comes out because both Richard and Angie are in the DVD.

Ive been sitting thinking about what my next goal is and ive decided that I want to lose 8lbs in 8 weeks. I think that is achievable as thats just 1lb a week.

Going to think of a personal exercise challenge I can set myself aswell.



Ive got loads of things to do today, housework, washing, ironing etc all the boring things but ive sat on here ALL morning.

Im wanting my eyebrows waxed and nails done so think i will pop into town and while im there i can look for something new to wear for BBQ tomorrow. Im meeting Pauls ex girlfriend for the first time so I need to look my best- not that I have anything to worry about haha

Right im off, have a good day xoxo

The Figure I would love to have

Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud!

I love her figure, its womanly and curvy. She looks great, but I think its sad that shes compaired to Cheryl and the other girls as she isnt as thin as them! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheryl..shes stunning. Her figure is too thin. She looks gaunt at times and very frail. Although lately she has been looking a lot healthier.


Well, after several unsuccessful attempts, I rejoined a class in September 2003 after my Mam died suddenly aged 52 in May that year.
I lost around a stone in weight due to stress without even trying and I was spured on to lose more weight when I started recieving loads of compliments. My starting weight then was 11st 5lbs (I WISH).
I loved the plan, stuck to it religiously and got to my goal weight of 10st 7lbs, six weeks later. But I got a taste of being slim and so I went on to lose more weight taking me down to 9st 13lbs. I can remember jumping up and down when I saw the 9s on those wonderful scales...I don't think I had EVER seen that figure!
But my dieting sucess was short lived, I met my boyfriend in April 2004. Old habits started creeping back into my way of life and that meant the pounds were piling back on. By the time I fell pregnant with my daughter in April 2005, I weighed a depressing 12st 7lbs. During my pregnancy I was conscious of healthy eating and only gained 2 stone, most of which would have been my baby as she weighed a staggering 9lbs 1oz!!
Six weeks after giving birth, I re-joined WW AGAIN weighing 13st 5lbs, BUT again like the several other attempts I FAILED. I just couldn't stick to it. I was depressed and wanted to lose weight, my body had dramatically changed since having a baby and I HATED it. So I started WW again but this time alone. I managed to get down to 12 stone, I felt great, much better about myself...but guess what...yes, it didnt last.

The weight was now piling on quicker than ever, photos from christmas 2007 were dreadful. I looked like a frumpy old fart!! Not a 24 year old woman. I thought my boyfriend must be embarrased to be seen with me, he wasnt, he loves me for me but wants me to be at a healthy weight and happy in myself.
We finally bought our own house after renting for 3 years, we couldnt wait to move and I couldnt wait to join WW again in our new area. That was 12th May 2008, I weighed a massive 15stone 8lbs...OMG the heaviest I had EVER been in my life!!!!! I started off determined, I did well then I don't know what happened.
So here I am again, going it alone..taking it one day at a time. My starting weight now is 15st target weight is 10stone. I WILL SUCCEED!!!!


Which is brill!!! This working week again seems like it's lasted forever. Lines were dead at the beginning of the week, then got busy when I was liking it been quiet. Ya cant win.

Payday today aswell, thank god, so will be making a visit to Asda for my shopping. Feel like this week I havent ate nice meals as money was tight lol.

At a BBQ tomorrow, so have saved some points incase I need them, but to be honest Im so close to my personal targets that I dont want to muck up my hard work.
So thats it for now, need a cuppa coffee to try and wake myself up, sat on here till 2.30am playing around with my page.


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Getting the hang of this site now

It seems to be coming together which is good!!

Going to keep both blogs going, but this will be a lot different


My 1st blog post on this site

Ive decided to start a blog on this site as from looking at other fellow WW's blogs mine looked boring in comparison. This is similar to MYSPACE which I used to love, so think I will enjoy blogging on this.

Well thats when I get the hang of it like!!!

So any tips, i would be very grateful :-)

I'll let ya know a bit more about me and my journey so far when I get the chance.

Im also on

I started that blog in April 2009.

Bye for now xoxo